St. John

Friday March 13, 2015

Game 1

Western  5

Goal-Noah Parsons Assist-Nick Butt;  Goal-Adrian Ward Assist-Brent Easton, Kris Thomas;

Goal-Will Keating Assist-Brayden Ryan; Goal-Evan Gallant;

Goal-Evan Gallant Assist-Kyle Robinson

Player of the Game Evan Gallant
Tri Pen 4

Goal-Dawson Mercer Assist-Jacob Evans, Zachary Bennett;  Goal-Dawson Mercer;

Goal-Dawson Mercer;  Goal-Kyle Petten Assist-Liam Shea

Player of the Game Dawson Mercer

Game 2

St. John’s 2

Goal- Blake Mercer; Goal-Cameron Sullivan Assist Tim Noble

Player of the Game Tim Noble

Tri-Com 2

Goal- Lucas Osmond Assist-Brendan Houlihan, Chris Murphy; Goal-Nathan Dunne Assist-Drew Bennett, Lucas Osmond

Player of the Game Lucas Osmond

Game 3

Western 8

Goal-Nick Butt Assist-Tristan Dower-Nichols, Brent Eason; Goal-Liam Smith Assist-Evan Gallant; Goal Evan Gallant Assist-Liam Smith, Kyle Robinson; Goal-Macolm Genge Assist-Evan Gallant; Goal-Liam Smith Assist-Andrew Antle; Goal-Adrian Ward Assist Ryan McNiel-Lamswood; Goal-Tristan Dower-Nichols Assist-Andrew Antle; Goal-Kyle Robinson Assist Tristan Dower-Nichols

Player of the Game Kyle Robinson

Central  5

Goal-Philip Pardy; Goal-Joseph Toope  Assist-Jacob Murray; Goal- Darrell Penton; Goal-Jacob Walsh Assist-Joseph Toope, Adam Mouland; Goal-Eric Hanlon

Player of the Game Philip Pardy

Game 4

Tri-pen 6

Goal-Dawson Mercer Assist-Zachary Bennett, Kyle Tetford; Goal-Kyle Petton Assist-Dawson Mercer; Goal-Zachary Bennett Assist-Liam Shea, Liam Best; Goal-Kyle Tetford Assist-Kyle Petton; Goal-Zachary Bennett Assist-Kyle Tetford; Goal-Liam Leonard Assist-Dawson Mercer

Player of the Game Kyle Tetford

St. John’s 1

Goal-Brett Budgell

Player of the Game Brett Budgell

Saturday March 14, 2015

Game 5

Central 1

Goal-Qasim Dogar Assist Joseph Toope, Mackenzie Lewis

Player of the Game Michael Day

St. John’s 4

Goal- Alex Newhook Assist-Cameron Sullivan; Goal-Tim Noble Assist-Cameron Sullivan; Goal-Alex Hickman Assist-Jacob Eddy; Goal-Tim Noble Assist-Kyle O’Brien-Auchinleck, Jacob Dyer

Player of the Game Daniel Burke

Game 6

Tri-Com 2

Goal-Kent Gillingham Assist-Tristan Walz; Goal-Jack Keough Assist-Drew Bennett, Ethan Stuckless

Player of the Game Jordan Blackwood

Tri-Pen 0

Player of the Game Tristian Gray

Game 7

St. John’s 10

Goal-Mark Rumsey; Goal-Jay Henley Assist-Tim Noble, Cameron Sullivan; Goal-Tim Noble; Goal-Evan Mackenzie; Goal-Tim Noble Assist-Blake Mercer; Goal-Kyle O’Brien-Auchinleck Assist-Daniel Burke; Goal-Mark Rumsey Assist-Alex Newhook, Brett Budgell; Goal-Tim Noble Assist-Blake Mercer; Goal-Brett Budgell Assist Alex Newhook; Goal-Alex Newhook

Player of Game Alex Newhook

Western 3

Goal-Evan Gallant Assist-Andrew Antle; Goal-Ryan McNeil-Lamswood Assist-Liam Smith, Evan Gallant; Goal-Brent Eason Assist-Evan Gallant

Player of the Game Evan Eason

Game 8

Tri-Com 5

Goal-Zachary Morris Assist-Tristian Walz; Goal-Chris Murphy Assist-Nick French; Goal-Drew Bennett Assist-Jack Keough, Kent Gillingham; Goal-Drew Bennett Assist-Jack Keough, Kent Gillingham; Goal-Nathan Dunne Assist-Lucas Osmond

Player of the Game Drew Bennett

Central 0

Player of the Game Will Brown

Sunday March 15, 2015

Game 9

Tri-Com 7

Goal- Jack Keough Assist-Kent Gillingham, Devan Newhook; Goal-Tristian Walz Assist-Chris Murphy; Goal-Devan Newhook Assist-Chris Murphy, Nick French; Goal-Chris Murphy Assist-Michael Oliver; Goal-Ian MacIntosh Assist-Michael Oliver, Nick French; Goal-Devan Newhook Assist-Drew Bennett; Goal-Chris Murphy Assist-Devan Newhook

Player of the Game Ian MacIntosh

Western 1

Goal-Brent Eason Assist-Brayden Ryan

Player of the Game Noah Parson

Game 10

Tri-Pen 5

Goal-Zachary Bennett Assist-Liam Leonard, Dawson Mercer; Goal-Kyle Petten Assist-Jacob Evans; Goal-Shailynn Snow Assist-Dawson Mercer; Goal-Liam Shea Assist-Liam Leonard, Shailynn Snow; Goal-Kyle Tetford Assist-Zachary Bennett

Player of the Game Shailynn Snow

Central 3

Goal-Cameron Oram Assist-Devin Edwards, Philip Pardy; Goal-Philip Pardy Assist-Maverik Skeans, Devin Edwards; Goal-Maverik Skeans Assist-Philip Pardy, Devin Edwards

Player of the Game Michael Day

Championship Game 

Final in Double Overtime

Tri-Com 2

Goal-Aaron Greenham Assist-Brendan Houlihan, Dominic Nugent; Goal-Ethan Stuckless

Player of the Game Jordan Blackwood

St John’s 3

Goal-Alex Newhook; Goal-Mark Rumsey Assist-Alex Newhook, Jay Henley; Double Overtime Goal-Cameron Sullivan Assist-Kyle OBrien-Auchinleck

Player of the Game Cameron Sullivan

The St. John’s Ice Breakers will now represent Newfoundland and Labrador at the 2015 Irving Oil Challenge Cup Atlantic Championships being held in Dartmouth, NS from April 9-12, 2015.